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Will UK Farmers Benefit from GM Crops?

Well-known farmer and campaigner, Michael Hart, will be giving a talk in Presteigne on Saturday 27th March about GM. He's been to the US to make a film about GM and will be showing clips from the film.

This talk is quite timely as just a week ago a potato variant was the first GM crop to be approved for cultivation in Europe for 13 years and

"now the long moratorium has been broken, similar approvals for others are expected rapidly to follow. Read more at:

Cornish Farmer Michael Hart is Chairman of Small and Family Farms Alliance.  He will report on his recent US trip where he spoke to farmers about their experiences growing GM crops, and the talk will feature clips from his forthcoming film.

Date: Saturday 27 March at 10.30am Place:  Memorial Hall, Presteigne

Organisers: Transition Presteigne and Towards Transition, Leominster

Further information: 01568 780886 or 01544 260847




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