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Peoplecare and Permaculture at the Ceridwen Centre

Background to the Course

by Looby Macnamara of Designed Visions

Over the years I have come to believe that we have the skills and resources needed for Earth care and repair but what limits this is the people issues – on personal, local and global levels.  After several years of teaching permaculture design courses and feeling like we could spend a lot more time on the peoplecare side of permaculture I wanted to run a course that’s whole focus is on the personal and social aspects and development of peoplecare skills. Permaculture principles will be interwoven throughout the course. I also wanted the course to be a space in which we could recharge our batteries and is peoplecare in action.


The week will be part course and part retreat, with a comfortable venue, explore beautiful countryside, feast of lovely home cooked food and time for inner reflection, creativity and relaxation.  The other element of the course that I am delighted about is the opportunity to run the course with a friend Jules Heavens who has spent many years coaching and now has a focus on bringing out creativity in people particularly through voice work and sound and will be bringing music and song to the group. This course will be for all of us an opportunity to ask questions of ourselves – what do we truly want from ourselves? How can we manifest our dreams?  How can we meet other people’s needs without compromising our own? How can we communicate effectively?   Alongside this there will be laughter, games, songs, music and socialising.  The final component of the course is – YOU – the collective you with all the skills and the lifetimes of experience looking after ourselves and interacting with other people.  We each have very interactive and inclusive teaching styles allowing contributions throughout and have also allocated the evenings for people to share specific techniques and stories. We are all really excited about the course and would love for you to join us on this interesting and unique journey.

This is the second peoplecare and permaculture course that we are running.

Feedback from previous participants:

“The venue was brilliant – absolutely amazing wonderful”

“Inspiring - rekindling connection with nature and course”

“First class facilitation – extremely encouraging.”

“Take a step back and reconnect with purpose”

Arrivals are on Saturday 25th September – please arrive by 3pm when we will be having afternoon tea before the first activity. The course will end on Thursday 30th with a party in the evening and departures on Friday 1st October after breakfast.

We are co-ordinating lifts and/or pick ups or shared taxis from the station in Carmarthen, so please let me know you needs and offers.

Full details of the course and venue and tutors can be found at

Any further queries or if you just want to chat about the course or venue please contact me (Looby) on 01269 822786 or email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fees: Sliding scale -Concessionary rate: £320 (limited to 3 places) for those on low incomes /means-tested benefits,

£380 (for low waged below 15K/annum)

£460 (for waged above 15K/annum)

£560 (for organisations)

Price includes all facilitation, full board, accommodation in shared single sex rooms and handouts.

Anyone booking before 25th June 2010 is eligible

for a £20 early bird discount (except concessionary places)


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