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Permaculture Intro at the Lammas Project

We are running an Intro to Permaculture course the weekend of 13th-15th of August (lunar lammas), led by Jasmine Dale and Jodie Tellam (experienced PC teacher) at the Lammas Project due to recurring interest in this aspect of what we've been up to.

What?  This is the basics of Permaculture and really for people with little or no previous knowledge of the topic.  The weekend is a mix of

practical activities and a look at the principles that underpin it in action.  There will be a chance to have a tour of the plots within the Lammas ecovillage.

When? Arrive Friday afternoon 13th Aug, welcome meal at 630pm. Leave Monday 15th Aug after breakfast.

Where? The weekend is fully residential. Lovely rooms are in the farmhouse adjacent to Lammas with showers and all bedding etc provided.  We'll have our meals here but mainly be out on the land for the course sessions. The nearest train station is CLUNDERWEN, from where we will pick you up and whisk you off


Who? Jasmine has been practising Permaculture for 10 years, mostly in community projects, and has built 3 ecohouses with husband Simon, now living at Lammas since August 2009.  Jodie lives in the farm adjacent to the Lammas project and has been teaching in Bristol: she recently completed her PC diploma.  There will a chance to meet other ecovillage residents and talk to Simon Dale about ecobuilding.

What to bring? waterproofs, notebook, pencils, wellies, musical instruments, drinking water bottle.  Cost: £185 per person, includes all food, accommodation etc.  The rooms are a mix of shared, single and double, so first come first served.  Registration to: Jasmine Saville, Tir-y-Gafel, Lammas, Glandwr, Pembrokeshire 
SA34 0YD with a deposit of £50 made payable to Jasmine Saville by 31st July. 

For registration form or more info please ring or text Jasmine/Simon on 07773372280 as we cannot answer emails easily or guarantee replies as we receive 100s a day!

Jasmine Dale

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