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Full PDC at Coed Hills

Coed Hills 12-day Residential Full Permaculture Design Course  13th - 25th September

Lead tutor - Michele Fitzsimmons from Edible Landscaping


Co-tutors - Jess Clynewood and Charly le Marchant

Held at Coed Hills Rural Artspace near Cardiff

For more info please visit, call Charly Le Marchant on 01446 774084 / 07768 881157 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Classic Permaculture course following the syllabus recognised by permaculture Institutes and associations worldwide, including the Permaculture Association.

On successful completion participants are awarded the Certificate of Permaculture Design and are able to practice as permaculture designers.

The course will cover the ethics and principles of permaculture then look at practical solutions to the problems we face as humans on one planet.

Topics covered include

* Relative Location

* Spatial Zoning

* Permaculture Gardening techniques

* Alternative sources of energy

* Permaculture Mind tools

* Secrets of the Soil

* Food Fundamentals

* Integrated Pest Management

* Eco lifestyles & Economics

* Sustainable building techniques

* Design Principles

* Energy Cycling

* Alternative cooking methods

* Foraging


£750 - organisation/company sponsored rate

£650 - waged

£550 - low waged

£490 - unwaged

Prices include all meals - all organic and locally sourced when not from the gardens - and camping. We have limited dorm-style accommodation for an extra £10 per night, on a first come first served basis. If you do not require accommodation you are welcome to commute to the course. There are also local B&B options.


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