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Micro – Anaerobic Digestion

Seminar at CAT

A community based technology to treat food wastes, make fertiliser and create biogas a renewable fuel - Saturday 10 July 2010

Small scale Anaerobic Digestion of food waste, with its benefits of localised nutrient cycling & renewable energy is worth serious

investigation. However in the UK the received wisdom is that only large systems are feasible option, despite the level of investment, planning and long lead time required to build such systems. Taking inspiration from the fact that there were millions of community run small scale units all over the world, especially in China and India, CCN embarked on a journey to develop a small scale Anaerobic Digestion system suitable for community or domestic use and are about to commission the first test build of a small scale system.

The main purpose of the seminar is to disseminate the results of the Phase 2 report – “A Component Guide and Operational Manual for a Small Scale Digester” to be published via the CCN website in July and demonstrate a working small scale Anaerobic Digestion system and will include:

A review of the project so far

A demonstration and explanation of the assembled components for a CCN test build

The Phase 2 report: starting, operating and monitoring a system

The results of a study tour of Indian Biodigester systems

The Community Context for the Test Build

And finishing with a demonstration and explanation of a ‘live’ working small scale system

The seminar will be repeated at 1.30pm and 3.30pm so you should have plenty of time to explore the Centre for Alternative Technology, and make the most of your day. The seminars will be open to everyone.

Delegate Rates - To help meet costs there is a small charge for attending.

If you are a member of the Community Composting Network an extended programme is available. Please see details on the CCN website:

Seminar (for non-CAT members): £17.00 This includes entry into the seminar and demonstration (£8.50) and CAT admission (£8.50).

CAT Members & Locals: £8.50 (seminar only) If you are a member of CAT or local to the Centre you are admitted for free so you are charged for the seminar only.

Booking forms and more information are available on the Community Composting Network website at:, phone 0114 2580483 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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