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Permaculture Design Course at Llandrindod

Brought to you by Transition Town Llandrindod and Mid Wales Permaculture Network

Course runs over a series of six weekends, starting September 2010 through to March 2011

Course framework

The first couple of weekends will look at the building blocks of ecosystems - soil, water, compost, trees and forests. Includes field trip into the woods to do some observation of natural systems and maybe some practical green woodwork. These practical sessions ill be reinforced by video, slides etc

We will look at natural processes like succession and regeneration

as an insight into how natural systems work. Also things like composting, compost toilets, water management and storage etc

We will examine the Permaculture principles in depth, and do some work on communicating those ideas well, as well as applications and examples of Permaculture design principles in action. This section also includes ethics of Permaculture and how Permaculture works as a consensus building process for groups and communities.

We will cover gardens, woodlands and forest gardens - again with a field trip to see real life examples to hear from people's experiences. We will also put Permaculture in a global context - looking at examples of systems from other cultures/third world etc, as well as traditional systems.

There will be time out to look at houses, buildings and energy, as well as social and economic systems, and personal stuff - what we call zone zero, and there will be guest speakers and facilitators to handle some of these sessions.

The second half of the course is very much about the design process, site survey, mapping. plants as indicators of soil types, and reading the landscape to see what is there and how we can record and communicate our observations.

This leads into the design workshop part of the course, where we work on a real life example in teams and gain some experience of applying our Permaculture learning and ideas to a real landscape.

To round off we will present our design ideas, in small groups, back to the rest of the students.  This is not an exam, but it is an important experience to go through this process.

Steve Jones, course leader (Sector39)

Course dates:

in 2010

September 25th -26th

October 30th -31st

November 27th -28th

in 2011

January 22nd -23rd

February 26th -27th

March 26th -27th

Cost: £225

Deposit of £75 secures a place, remainder payable on first weekend of course

Non-residential. Bring and share food on course days.

More information from

Angela Coleridge, Transition Llandrindod

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or Roz Brown, Mid Wales Permaculture Network.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To register your interest please email either of the above. We will then advise you of the availability of a place and give you information on paying a deposit.

This is a fantastic opportunity to attend a full PDC in the heart of Mid Wales at an unbeatable price. For Powys residents needing financial assistance to secure a place, there may be a possibility of a bursary to help with the cost. Further details of this will be made available if our small grant application is successful.

Roz Brown, MWPN


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