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Presteigne Apple Day

Saturday 16 October

11am - 3pm

Wents Meadow Barn & Community Orchards

Double Take have a grant from Environment Wales to do a ‘local food’ project - organising Apple Day & Wassail events + talks & workshops on that theme.

Orchard songs and music,  games & refreshments

Presteigne Juice & Cider making

Tree identification & Naming

Please bring your own apples, & containers to take juice home.

Apple Day plans include:


Adam Davies - making apple juice & cider

Adam has built a press & has a mill as well.

People can bring clean bottles/containers & he will make what is left into Presteigne cider.

Tree identification

There is still doubt about which tree is what. Anne has some new labels & it would be good to sort out the varieties. Maybe take a tour around the trees & do some naming & labeling.

Apple games

apple bobbing - on strings & in water

apple coring - the longest peel + ?

Apple food

apple cakes etc & of course fresh apple juice

hot spiced apple juice if its a cold day


Making hazel/willow apple pickers

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