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Pressing apples to mark 10:10

Apple Day  at Ashfield community project on 10:10:10

Supporters  of the newly established  community land trust at Ashfield in Howey have linked up with the  Local Food Group from Llandrindod Transition to gather in the apple harvest and make juice, as part of a  global  Low Carbon Action Day on 10/10/10.  The 2010 Ashfield Apple Day takes place on Sunday 10th October from 11am to 4pm. Entry is free and all are welcome.

Spokesperson Di Greaves explained: “The 10:10 campaign has been challenging people, organisations and nations to reduce their carbon footprint by 10% in 2010 .  The tenth day  of the tenth month  in 2010  is going to be a special day in the campaign, celebrating all the many ways that communities are taking positive steps towards low carbon futures.

We chose apple picking juicing and storing as our action for 10:10:10 because it has been a great year  for apples. The trees around here are groaning under the weight of the crop, and apples  are so delicious and easy to process, but many of them are not being harvested which is such a shame. So we are going to reduce the local eco-footprint by producing a low cost, delicious  home grown food,  with almost zero  food miles from a crop that could otherwise go to waste. What could be more tasty? Even the left over  peel and pulp will be fed to the pigs at Ashfield or composted!”

The apples from the Ashfield  site are going to be juiced and sold  to a local outlet,  and members of the public are also invited to bring some of their own apples for juicing   with  containers to take the  juice home. The local Freegle group are having a free-cycling  stall where people can give away their unwanted jam jars and surplus garden produce.

The organisers hope to encourage newbie jam makers with quick and easy   One Pot Jam recipes and kits. There will also be apple themed catering from the Herb Garden cafe, a plant and book stall, juice tasting, jam and chutney sampling, site tours,  music  and a guest appearance over lunch time from the Marcher Apple Network with a demo and sales of their amazing apple spiral cutters.

Picking starts at 11am, the juice should be flowing by noon,  and the event ends at around 4pm.  Anyone who would like to help is kindly requested to  phone the Ashfield office 01597 829689 and leave a message for the Apple Day organisers.

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