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Transitions to a post fossil fuel economy

Richard Priestly is giving a talk to Leominster Civic Society at The Talbot Hotel, West Street, Leominster, HR6 8EP, on Monday 8th November at 7.30pm.

Richard will be talking a little about Herefordshire, but more about places that have already made the transition to a post fossil fuel economy, or are a long way down that route. There are some amazingly exciting examples of what can be done. Gussing in Austria has cut Co2 emissions by a staggering 93% while achieving very rapid economic growth based on 100% renewable energy (electricity, heat & transport fuels).

There are lots of other inspirational examples many of which Richard only recently came across and which are generally not widely known about in the UK. The event will explore what could Herefordshire and the Marches learn form such places.

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