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Sustainable sweaters?

Revamp Your Christmas Jumper Workshop 
Denmark Farm, Lampeter 
Sunday 13 Feb 2011, 10am-4pm

Did you get a well meant but ghastly jumper for Christmas? If so, I bet you’ve stuffed it in the bottom of your cupboard already! Do not despair - help is at hand. Come to this revamping workshop to hack it to bits, relieve some frustration and design it anew into a desirable, one off, ravishing creation.

All you need to do is fish out the jumper from its hiding place along with any others that are lurking there, then go to and fill in the Denmark Farm Booking Form, or give Mara a call on 01570 493358.

We will be using lovely new Janome 525 Sewist machines. There will be room for 8. Bring along some matching thread if you’d like. Hope to see you there!
Carys Hedd

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