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Can Cardiff Feed Itself?

CARDIFF – A SUSTAINABLE FOOD CITY! What does it mean?  - and how would we get there?

As a local food activist, policy maker, project manager, or researcher you are very warmly invited to participate in a special ‘Action-Gathering’ to help shape a food future for Cardiff.  N.B. This is not just another  ‘conference’!

This innovative cross-sectoral meeting has been set up as part of the recently launched Soil Association/Organic Centre Wales SUSTAINABLE FOOD COMMUNITIES (SFC) initiative taking place across Wales. Where?

Council Chamber, Glamorgan Building (Cardiff University), King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff CF10 3WA When? Thursday June 30th, 6pm – 8pm (to coincide with the launch by RCMA earlier that day of central Cardiff’s exciting new Castle Quarter Farmers Market!). What’s the big idea? It will be an opportunity for local food activists, third sector action groups, University researchers with an interest in relocalised food systems, and local government representatives to hear about what each other are doing and, most importantly, to identify specific ways that they can work together in supporting/describing/creating a food system for Cardiff which delivers secure access to healthy food for all residents while meeting stringent carbon reduction targets and helping build a strong local economy. There will also be the chance to discuss and develop ideas for local projects which can be funded under the SFC programme to a maximum of £3,000 each! This Gathering is  intended to be a first step in creating a CARDIFF FOOD CHARTER which can be signed up to by a very wide range of stakeholders in the local food/sustainability sector, leading to the establishment of a CARDIFF FOOD POLICY COUNCIL if/when that is felt to be appropriate.

Limited places are available  - please RSVP to Steve Garrett by June 17th if you want to be a part of making it happen! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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