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Community resilience event

Building community

resilience to the impacts of

climate change

Wednesday 13 July:

Llandrindod Wells, The Pavilion

Climate change is already affecting Wales and the impacts of climate change are projected to become more significant over time. We need to start preparing for the challenges and opportunities that climate change brings.

What the events will offer


• Interactive sessions exploring the likely impacts of climate change

• Presentations and learning from those who have already taken


• Workshops on preparing for climate change impacts in four areas:

Health and social care, Housing, Vulnerable groups and

Community groups

What participants will gain

• Increased understanding of how climate change is likely to affect

their organisation and the communities they work with

• Support and ideas for potential actions, including a template to

help build the impacts of climate change into their business


Who should attend

• All third sector organisations, including non-environmental


The events are particularly relevant to organisations that offer services

to marginalised or disadvantaged groups that are most vulnerable to

climate change i.e. older people, disabled people, children and young

people, refugee groups and people living in poverty.

To book a place, visit:

or contact Sarah Baker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or 0800 2888 329



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