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Get your free soil improver!

Visit Cwm Harry’s community garden and bag some compost!

All comers will be welcome to visit Cwm Harry at Newtown’s Vastre Industrial Estate on Saturday 8 October from 10am to 2pm, when the

award-winning social enterprise will be opening its doors to showcase the community garden that has been created on a previously bare and desolate lot.  The transformation has been made possible by a small but dedicated team supported by local volunteers, using soil-improving compost made from the food waste Cwm Harry collects in Montgomeryshire towns and villages.  And if they bring a strong bag, visitors will be invited to help themselves to a bag of soil-improving compost so that they can try it out in their own garden or allotment.

As well as visiting the community garden, and finding out about saving seeds from their own garden, visitors will be able to see Cwm Harry’s In Vessel Composting plant, normally closed to the public, where food waste and green waste are mixed in huge bays and composted at 60oC to produce the nutrient-rich soil improver.   “Residents who have wondered where their food waste goes will be amazed at what it produces.  We are getting fabulous results growing in our garden and the potentials of the product are there for all to see”, said Steve Jones, Outreach Officer at the Cwm Harry community garden.

Cwm Harry was recently awarded Community Recycler of the Year award at the Cylch (Wales Community Recycling Network) conference for their ground-breaking Zero Waste Presteigne and Norton project, funded by the Welsh Government and Powys County Council.

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