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Mysteries of waste explained

Packaging and What’s Left In your Bin! Ecodesign & Zero Waste at Presteigne Church Hall, 7.30pm Tue 15 Nov

Plastic shrink-wrap on cucumbers?  Has the world gone mad!


If all the packaging on your food and what’s left in your bin makes you see red, come and get some answers about why companies use it and what can be done about it.   Presteigne & Norton Zero Waste does what it can to recycle everything you give, but unfortunately sometimes items have to be left in your recycling bins.


Simon O’Rafferty from the Ecodesign Centre, Cardiff will be coming to give the low-down on the most annoying things in your bins. He’ll be giving objective information about the impact of packaging and the alternatives, and opening up the debate about what we can do to challenge the situation.

Come for a lively evening of debate and activism.

7.30 pm Tuesday, 15th November at St Andrew’s Church Hall

Find out about

·         plastic on cucumbers,

·         expanded polystyrene packaging,

·         foil cat-food pouches

·          crisp packets

·         Lightbulbs [not packaging, but a composite item and therefore complicated to recycle]


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