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PDC in Carmarthen

There are stll some places left on the proposed PDC in Carmarthen, wth Chris Evans and Looby MacNamara. Please contact Lynda Lumb if you are interested:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Course: Full Permaculture Design Course


Number of Weeks:– total of 12 days 10am -5pm each day (the last weekend may have longer hours.)


What's involved? We assume no previous knowledge of permaculture for the course and will be starting from the beginning. For those who have already attended an introduction course it will be a useful refresher for them to also attend from the beginning. We will be covering the basics of permaculture – principles, ethics & design & looking at case studies to see how these can be applied to a variety of situations.


The course will be a blend of theory & practical sessions. We will be creating a holistic learning environment where participants can benefit from the experience of the tutors and each other and using creative learning techniques to stimulate our minds.  The course will culminate in a design activity in groups where participants will be able to put into practice the design skills that they have learnt designing areas within a woodland project.  This final weekend will be camping for those that want to stay overnight. This will be further organized with the participants nearer the time.

The tutors will be Looby Macnamara and Chris Evans – our biographies can be found on


What will I achieve?

On completion of the design activity you will receive a permaculture design certificate which will enable you to use the word permaculture in your work. The course is also going to be accredited with Agored Cymru (formerly the Open College Network)


How is my progress assessed?

Group work, the design activity, and through a learning journal.  You will also need to complete Assessment Task booklets.



Is it for me?

This course is for anyone interested in working towards sustainability (social and environmental).  We will look at how we can use the principles of nature to design our own human systems.  We will learn transferable design skills that can be used in gardens, farms, woodlands, businesses, homes and in communities for improving our own lives.


Will I need to buy extras?

Permaculture design certificate £3 (issued by the Permaculture Association)

One years membership to Permaculture Association (Britain) £15

Fuel – we will be car sharing to the site visits and share fuel costs accordingly.

Design Weekend – there will be a daily camping fee (amount to be confirmed.)


Anything else I need to know?

Please bring vegetarian food to share for lunch.


What can I do next?

Find out about local like-minded groups in your area (e.g. permaculture groups, Transition Initiatives, allotment groups, etc.)

The course can lead on to the permaculture diploma (min. 2 years self-managed with tutor and peer-supported application of permaculture).



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