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Fruit tree grafting with Chris Evans

Coed Marros Woodland Cooperative

Fruit Grafting Days, February 16-18th 2012

led by Chris Evans

Grafting and Planting in the nursery.

Following the productive day doing grafting training and constructing 4 raised beds for fruit seedlings that we had at Coed Marros on 28th January, we will be grafting various types of rootstock and planting the grafted seedlings in the beds over 3 days in February. If you feel confident and competant you’re welcome to come along and join in. If you want to keep practicing first, and help out with other jobs such as labelling, planting the grafted seedlings and mulching please come along.

You’ll need to bring:       -

-       trowels, secateurs, grafting knives

-       lunch

-       water (no source on site), thermos

-       it’s sure to be cold and possibly wet so come prepared. Gloves, work gloves & wellies essential

Sponsor a Tree

Some cost price rootstocks (£2-5) of apple, cherry and plum will be available during this training, so participants will be able to:

-       purchase a rootstock to take home

-       purchase a rootstock, plant it in the nursery at Coed Marros, graft it later and take it home next year

-       purchase a rootstock, plant it in the orchard at Coed Marros, watch it grow, tendering it and tasting its fruit in a few years’ time

-       bring scion from your own favourite fruit tree (see below) to graft onto the rootstock varieties available

-       come back to Coed Marros over the next few weeks and do more grafting

There are also fruit trees grafted last year that are ready for planting and available for sale

If interested and/or want more information please RSVP to me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 01981 240096.

Directions – see Coed Marros website If any problems the Coed Marros phone is 07956435094 and my mobile is 07939864732

Selecting scion for grafting

Scion is the term used for a piece of branch of a fruiting tree that is to be grafted onto a rootstock. The scion needs to be of a compatible species, e.g. apple scion onto crab apple rootstock. We have mainly apple rootstock, but there are a small number of plum/peach, pear and cherry rootstock too.

As mentioned above, you are welcome to bring scion from your favourite apple tree(s) (but if you have particularly good fruiting tree of plum/peach/cherry/pear types bring them along too) for grafting onto rootstock at Coed Marros. When selecting scion the following points need to be observed:

-       the scion should be from a healthy, disease-free fruiting tree and not have any signs of damage

-       branches are taken from last year’s growth i.e. that which grew from last Spring.

-       You’ll see that often there are long straight branches (usually growing vertically but not always so) that maybe anything from 6 inches to a couple of feet long (sometimes more). These can be cut near their base. Don’t cut the tips off as this will lead to excessive moisture loss from the branch.

-       For grafting we need scion that is pencil thickness, but if the branch you cut is thicker at the base and thinner at the tips no worries – we’ll cut these into shorter selected lengths on the day i.e . for now, keep the branches whole.

-       After cutting, tie the branches in a bunch and wrap the base in damp newspaper & a plastic bag, and keep them in a cool shady spot.

-       Label your branches. Keep varieties in separate bunches if from different trees. Ideally we need to know the variety. If you don’t know, at least we need to know when it ripens on the tree (e.g. late Sept.) and how long it keeps for (e.g. until early January). Any other characteristics would be useful e.g. sweet, crisp, soft, red, green, cooker, etc.

Chris Evans

Coed Marros Co-operative

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