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Make your own biodiesel

Due to a special tax concession it is now legal to make bio-diesel for road vehicles from a waste product i.e. from used cooking oil.

Talk and demonstration on Biodiesel

Green Drinks Special presented by Newtown2020 & Cwm Harry

Tuesday 23rd October 2012 7- 9 pm

Bio-diesel: all about it and how to make it

Learn what it is, how it can be made and how to use it in practice.


We will demonstrate the equipment on which you can regularly produce 60 litre batches, as well as showing the basic chemistry on a “jam jar” scale.

Venue: Cwm Harry

Unit H, Vastre Ind Est., Newtown, SY16 1DZ, 01686 626234

Contact Richard Northridge:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel. 01686 626234

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