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Implementations gathering at Ryton

An invitation from the copper tools supplier for the UK


You are warmly invited to spend a day in the beautiful setting of Ryton Organic Gardens in Warwickshire, the headquarters of Garden Organic, the UK organic gardening charity. On June 29th this year Implementations invites you to meet other gardeners, talk about what we love about gardening, what we learn from it and the things about it that drive us crazy. The format is Open Space, a minimalist way for each person to get to what they want to explore in a given subject area. Open Space has one rule only: if you are not contributing to or learning from a conversation, you are free to move on. More details of the event here:


 I do hope you can come. Please pass this invitation on to anyone you know who might be interested. And please let us know in good time if you would like to come, so that we can organise the catering.


This is not a promotional event for our products. I will only bring them along if specifically asked to do so. We've stopped doing the big shows, and I miss the conversations with gardeners!


Jane  Cobbald


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