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Free Showing of Vanishing of the Bee

There is a free showing of the documentary the "Vanishing of The Bee"

at Theatr Hafren , Newtown   on Saturday November 14th, 7:45 PM
followed by a Q&A session with Montgomeryshire Beekeepers Association

Vanishing of the Bees takes a piercing investigative look at the economic, political and ecological implications of the worldwide disappearance of the honeybee, a mysterious ecological tragedy that could topple our food chain and forever change our
way of life.

In the UK, around one fifth of honeybee hives were lost in the winter of 2008/09. Bees pollinate a third of the food we eat, and this contributes £200million a year to the UK economy. Beekeepers and scientists are still unsure what is causing the loss of so many bees, but the fact is that bees are disappearing at alarming rates all over the world.  Vanishing of the Bees, is an eye-opening account of the shocking truth behind the declining bee.

This film has a U certificate and a running time of 92 minutes. Members of the Montgomeryshire Beekeepers Association will be hosting a question and answer session in the bar after the film, where everyone is welcome.

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