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Peoplecare and Permaculture

7th Jan - 12th Jan 2010

You are invited to unwind after the busyness of the festive season and spend time on your own journey in readiness for the year ahead. At a time of new beginnings, just before Spring emerges take the opportunity to explore how to bring harmony into your life and relationships: reflect on your goals and gain energy and momentum to follow your dreams:  nurture yourself and explore ways to use permaculture to improve your life, relationships, work and community.  Over the 6 days

we will be co-creating a warm, nurturing heartspace to explore the personal and social aspects of permaculture.

Permaculture is a solution based way of thinking about the world we live in and how to create positive change using nature as our guide.   At the heart of permaculture are 3 ethics, Earthcare, Peoplecare and Fair Shares.  This course will focus on the Peoplecare ethic and the skills we need to achieve personal sustainability and to communicate effectively with others. We will discover how we can use permaculture principles and design methods to create harmony with ourselves, other people and the planet

This course is for anyone wanting to design a better life for themselves. It is particularly relevant for people working in groups and community projects wanting to achieve true human sustainability.

Venue: Ceridwen Centre,  Carmarthen, South Wales

Residential with full board

Tutors: Looby Macnamara , Caz Phillips and Jules Heavens

Early bird discount for anyone booking before the end of November.

For full details and costs see

Contact Looby on 01269 822786 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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