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This site has not been updated since 2014 and is being maintained as an archive for now. As time allows we'll be weeding out the dated material and presenting the many useful articles in a new format. We'd appreciate any feedback on what you find most useful on this site via our contact page.


What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a design approach based on observations of nature's  systems.  It is the conscious application of the principles of ecology to create sustainable human settlements.

Permaculture helps us to look at the world with a creative, positive and solutions-based approach; its insights can be applied in many contexts, such as in gardens, agriculture, communities and business.

Nature as a teacher: Natural systems are self-perpetuating, abundant, diverse and dynamic. Permaculture is the art of getting the power of nature and natural abundance to work for you.

Permaculture encourages people to work together, and in line with this core principle, the Mid Wales Permaculture Network has been established to foster co-operation and information exchange between people in the region, and to empower incividuals and communities to achieve a greater degree of sustainability.

The Network aims to facilitate links between individuals, emcourage learning opportunities, information exchange and skill sharing, and support community resources such as seed saving.


Permaculture is exciting, inspiring and fun! If you become part of the Network, you will be able to make contact with other interested people, whether you are just beginning, have some experience already, or have developed a system that is an example of best practice from which others can learn.

‘Home’ at Hay on Wye

The acclaimed film ‘Home’ is being shown at a free screening in Hay on Wye on Sunday, 7th December at 7.30pm, courtesy of Transition Town Hay. Described as " A beautiful film showing the evolution of life on Earth and the escalating impact of human activity there on", the work, by Vann Arthus Bertrand, is filmed entirely from the air and is 93 minutes long.

Venue: The Globe, Newport Street.

Bar open throughout and discussion afterwards.

More info: Bob Hilton 01497 851736

Christmas Fayre

21-22 November

Llanfyllin Workhouse is holding a Christmas crafts fayre over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd November with the chance to buy and make things for the festive season. Loads of produce, live music, things to do...

There is a press release here to down load:


Peoplecare and Permaculture

7th Jan - 12th Jan 2010

You are invited to unwind after the busyness of the festive season and spend time on your own journey in readiness for the year ahead. At a time of new beginnings, just before Spring emerges take the opportunity to explore how to bring harmony into your life and relationships: reflect on your goals and gain energy and momentum to follow your dreams:  nurture yourself and explore ways to use permaculture to improve your life, relationships, work and community.  Over the 6 days

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Farming in an Oil Poor Future

PATRICK HOLDEN CBE (Director of the Soil Association) will be speaking in Blaenau Ffestiniog on ‘Farming in an Oil Poor Future’ on November 20 at 7.00 in the Cell Blaenau Ffestiniog.

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