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Blaeneinion: Permaculture - with beavers in it!

Exciting new Permaculture Project in Mid Wales

Blaeneinion is an idyllic and secluded site set in 75 acres of land at the head of the Artists Valley near Machynlleth in mid Wales.  We are reforesting the open pasture with native broadleaf trees - the start of 'The Cambrian Wildwood', and are establishing food growing and orchards along Permaculture principles. The project began in the winter of 2008, and this year we are creating the vegetable beds, orchard site and a geodesic growing 'dome'.

Our visitors will be able to enjoy picking their own food, collecting eggs for breakfast, plunging in the stream, BBQ's over the fire, and a fantastic range of outdoor pursuits.


To complement the rich variety of bird and plant life at this stunning location, we plan to introduce a family of beaver within a 3 acre enclosure. We are seeking funding for the fencing work and hide at the moment, and have a beaver family waiting for us in Devon.

Permaculture & The Wildwood

Following the success of 'Plot 21' -a London-based Permaculture and community cohesion project, and numerous other voluntary roles working with schools and a City Farm over 15 years, Sharon Girardi received funding for an exciting large-scale enterprise in mid Wales – see:

and she is now running the Blaeneinion project.

Alongside the reforestation of roughly 50 acres of pastureland, the project will incorporate subsistence organic food-growing, beekeeping, rearing small livestock and poultry, propagation of productive local fruit varieties, mushroom production, teaching components, social events, aquaculture and much, much more!

The Cambrian Wildwood is an initiative by Simon Ayres of WWLF (Wales Wild Land Foundation) to restore an area of 7000ha of land to the former 'Wild' indigenous woodland that our ancient ancestors enjoyed.  Blaeneinion is the initial site from which this project has been launched, and maintains a thriving tree nursery  (mainly of donated native saplings) and hosts planting days.   Since its launch on 7th February 2010, a remarkable group of enthusiastic volunteers have collected, donated and planted over 1300 trees in 6 weeks!

If you would like to be kept informed of forthcoming events, or would like to plant trees, help with the nursery, or get involved with the Permaculture elements at Blaeneinion, please fill in your details on the 'Contact Us' page of our website, or send an email and let us know what you are especially interested in - we would be delighted to hear from you..  We have also been accepted as hosts in the WWOOF scheme this month, and are keen to offer working holiday opportunities to enthusiastic folk.

Do you live locally and have little trees in your garden that are in the way? Do you have spare fruit bushes, chickens, a polytunnel, garden tools, time or expertise?  we would love to give them all new home.

Sharon Girardi

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