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This site has not been updated since 2014 and is being maintained as an archive for now. As time allows we'll be weeding out the dated material and presenting the many useful articles in a new format. We'd appreciate any feedback on what you find most useful on this site via our contact page.

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Energy, economics, ecobuilding

A new economic model for survival: Wendy Talaro is a Sustainability Integration Consultant
at Cornucopia Sustainable Designs and Urban/Suburban Ecoliteracy Read more.. .

Introduuced species: attitudes and management, Reviewed by Dr Anthony Cheke

Getting in a FIT over the Big Society Ken Moon

Economies of Scale - Where Do They Lead Us? Nick Snelgar

Who is Going to Feed Us? Nick Snelgar


Take One Dutch Barge and Add a Compost Loo. Simon Myers


Integral Permaculture, Deep Ecology

The Wisdom Offerings of a Garden. Michelle Vesser, Occidental Arts & Ecology Centre, Sonoma County, California


An Integral Framework for Permaculture Brad McManus


Copper Tools and the Legacy of Viktor Schauberger Jane Cobbald, Implementations


Permaculture & Foraging. Pete Williams, Red Dragon Bushcraft


Permaculture design

The Lie of the Land Roz Brown


Designing the Landscape Jane Powell, Organic Centre, Wales


The Edible Perennial Landscape.  Michele Fitzsimmons, Edible Landscaping, Cardiff

Blaeneinion: Permaculture - with beavers in it.  Sharon Girardi



Polyculture research and seedsaving: Roz Brown

Aminopyralid: a ticking time bomb hidden in manure

Ryton Spearheads Exotic Seeds Project.  Sally Cunningham, HDRA


Permaculture and the Arts

Reflections on Art and Permaculture Adam Wolpert, Occidental Arts & Ecology Centre, Sonoma Cunty, California


Re-enchanting the World Dave Prescott, Hay On Wye TT

In search of weirdness Dave Prescott, Hay on Wye TT & HiT Alliance

The Potential Role of Fine Art in the Transition Movement Thomas Keyes


Permaculture techniques

Biochar for Environmental Management by Ed Sears

The Edible Perennial Landscape: Michele Fitzsimmons

Permaculture of cleaning - how to make laundry products at home: Roz Brown

Hugelkultur: Using Woody Waste in Composting Roz Brown


Summer Seed Sowing Real Seeds


Sheet Mulching for Beginners  Roz Brown


Aminopyralid - a time bomb hidden in manure.  Ann Owen


Seed Saving.  Real Seeds


Summer Seed Sowing.  Real Seeds


A-gleying We Will Go.  Roz Brown


Book Reviews

Lean Logic: David Fleming: reviewed by Chris Dixon

Biochar for Environmental Management by Ed Sears

Introduuced species: attitudes and management, Reviewed by Dr Anthony Cheke


'The Living Landscape – How to read and understand it' by Patrick Whitefield.  Rhian Hill


Alternatives for the Kitchen Garden: The Alternative Kitchen Garden: an A-Z by Emma Cooper.  Val Harris

Is itreally time to eat the dog? ‘Time to eat the dog? The real guide to sustainable living’  by Robert and Brenda Vale.  B G Brown


Introduced Species: Attitudes & Management Invasive & introduced plants & animals. Human perception, attitudes and approaches to management. Edited by Ian D.Rotherham & Robert A.Lambert.  Anthony Cheke

Building a Low Impact Roundhouse by Tony Wrench.  James Brimer


Transition, community

Financial Collapse & the Reversion to the Local: Julian Rose Read more...

This is Rubbish! highlights edible food waste: Feasting on Edible Food Waste - Rachel Solnick Read more...

They're Eating the Lawn in Llanidloes by Cathie Ackroyd

Access to Healthy ocal Food for Disadvantaged Communities by Gary Lamont

Permaculture of cleaning - how to make laundry products at home: Roz Brown

Sheffield Pioneers Community Harvest Peter Hodge, Sheffield Abundance


Cross Sector Partnerships and Transition Towns Dave Prescott, Hay on Wye TT


Cultivating Change Dorienne Robinson


The Freetree Initiative.  Jules Newman


New alotments for Presteigne ater 50 year wait.  Lin Scrannage


Permaculture Learning

Knowing vs. 'Knowing About' by Roz Brown

What will I learn on a Permaculture Design Course? Roz Brown


Permaculture in Context.  Mark Briggs & Roz brown


Seed saving for schools Roz Brown


It;s a PDC - but not as we (usually) know it.  Nick Talbott, TT Llandrindod


The Full Permaculture Experience Cas Wainwright, Llanfyllin


Review of ‘Introduction to Permaculture’ residential weekend at Ragman's Lane Farm, Gloucestershire Dave Prescott, Hay on Wye TT



Bringing the Buzz to Pembrokeshire’s Coast Natasha Rolph, Bumblebee Conservation Trust

To Bee or Not to Bee Chris Leech, Montybees

10 Things You Can Do To Help Save The Bees SAnna Burns, Radnor & Brecknock Beekeepers




Peoplecare and Permaculture Looby Macnamara, Designed Visions


What to grow

The Edible Perennial Landscape: Michele Fitzsimmons


Autumn and winter planting.  Real Seeds

Potential for Oriental Vegetables in Powys David Burridge, RENEW

Comfrey.  Roz Brown


Sustainable Healthcare

Complementary Health: Cider Vinegar by Julia Briscoe

Complementary healthcare: Molasses.  Julia Briscoe, Holistic practitioner, The Margaret Centre, Whipps Cross.

Transition Healthcare.  Ian Watt, Ian Watt Healthcare


Cooking it


A bit of a caper.  Roz Brown


World Permaculture


Peace and Permaculture in Bolivia.  Kim Glick

Food Security and farming

Real Farming for our Future: Colin Tudge reflects on the 2012 Oxford Real Farming Conference    Read more...





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