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    Can we encourage as many as possible to sign and/or organise petitions - and if possible to attend the "Day of Action" at the Carmarthen Guildhall on Saturday 30th August at 10am.

    If the TTIP goes ahead, as is being discreetly negotiated at present, it will make billions for the US global corporations and ruin our society, economy and environment in the process.



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  • The new Three Towns Food Network, linking Knighton, Presteigne and Kington to increase local food resilience, will be showing at Knighton Agricultural Show on 30 August (next to the tea tent, with Tene Valley Environmental Group and Knighton Tree Allotments Trust. Read more ...  

  • The 2014 Spring Greens Fair


    Bigger, better, bursting with good things green, but still intimate and charming...the 2014 Spring Greens Fair is back this weekend, 3/4 May at the wonderful Court of Noke, Staunton on Arrow. Mid Wales Permaculture Network will be there, of course (perennial forest garden plants for sale and adopt-a-plant with free plants for children. This year there will be even more wonderful food, activities, forum discussions, demonstrations, crafts, performace... see it all here:

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    Memorial Hall, Presteigne, 9am -1pm


    LOCAL PRODUCE inc fresh organic veg, local cheeses, meats, eggs, smokerie, scrummy bites, homemade Indian foods, apple juice ...

    A SPECIAL stall for April from Whitton WI

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Perils of Climate Modification

A lot is now being written about geo-engineering - otherwise known as climate mediation/modification. Cloud seeding experiments which begun a generation ago have expanded and are being made more high tech all the time - and there seems to be no control or responsibility on the part of the agencies and organisations involved worldwide.

We can read in all sorts of government reports that NASA, the US military and others are increasingly trying out methods of reflecting sunlight away from the earth, and they claim that this is necessary to stop global warming. However, the risks are well known and acknowledged by the scientists involved in these developments:  that the reverse effect is likely because man made cloud cover traps heat in, and because water vapour being artificially introduced into the atmosphere actually increases the greenhouse effect.  Multiple chemicals including barium, silver, aluminium and salt, some as nano particles, are being used to generate man made clouds - all of which eventually precipitate to earth and affect people, plants and the soil.


It is well documented that in the US trees are being affected by weather experimentation, that ricketts is on the increase due to the lack of sunlight, and that solar pv generation is decreasing - just when we need it to replace fossil fuels.

If you think that this is only happening in the US – think again: the UK government is collaborating in the climate modification project too.  Is it a coincidence that our leaders are backtracking fast on support for solar pv and other sustainable energy production at this time by reducing or delaying feed in tariffs and other incentives?

There are also concerns over other measures planned or being experimented with - made made algae blooms in the oceans, as well as the proposals to sequester Co2 in the seas (a short term fix that will then release more of it into the atmosphere). Further concerns for our environment include the dangers of mercury and other hazardous materials in low energy lightbulbs: if these bulbs break the mercury goes into the atmosphere, the soil and the water supply, and there is no public education on this subject, and a lack of safe disposal available for used and broken bulbs: this will be an increasing problem as incandescent production ceases.

All in all, it's a pretty frightening picture.  To find out more, watch this incisive lecture on U Tube with Rosalind Peterson, President of the Agricultulture Defense Coalation,

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