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    Can we encourage as many as possible to sign and/or organise petitions - and if possible to attend the "Day of Action" at the Carmarthen Guildhall on Saturday 30th August at 10am.

    If the TTIP goes ahead, as is being discreetly negotiated at present, it will make billions for the US global corporations and ruin our society, economy and environment in the process.



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  • The new Three Towns Food Network, linking Knighton, Presteigne and Kington to increase local food resilience, will be showing at Knighton Agricultural Show on 30 August (next to the tea tent, with Tene Valley Environmental Group and Knighton Tree Allotments Trust. Read more ...  

  • The 2014 Spring Greens Fair


    Bigger, better, bursting with good things green, but still intimate and charming...the 2014 Spring Greens Fair is back this weekend, 3/4 May at the wonderful Court of Noke, Staunton on Arrow. Mid Wales Permaculture Network will be there, of course (perennial forest garden plants for sale and adopt-a-plant with free plants for children. This year there will be even more wonderful food, activities, forum discussions, demonstrations, crafts, performace... see it all here:

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    Memorial Hall, Presteigne, 9am -1pm


    LOCAL PRODUCE inc fresh organic veg, local cheeses, meats, eggs, smokerie, scrummy bites, homemade Indian foods, apple juice ...

    A SPECIAL stall for April from Whitton WI

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The EU moves to outlaw heritage varieties


Update on the EU plant law, the bill for which was passed on May 6


Full details from Ben at Real Seeds here

Real Seeds

and, avaaz petition (please sign) at:

avaaz petition

Although last minute amendments to the bill say that gardeners can save and exchange seed, the bill will go to the EU parliament for approval or modification. If we do not keep the pressure up things could be changed and made even worse. This outcome as it stands will restrict seed supplies and is a disaster. Please network above links.


Comment on the EU bill from organic farmer Julian Rose is below:


'The intention behind this legislation is crystal clear.

It is designed to knock out what remains of the independent farming population and put food production entirely in the hands of corporate-controlled transnational companies who will eventually 'own the food chain'. An ambition already made public by the Monsanto corporation.


There is absolutely no case for conforming to whatever actual ruling hits the EU rule book. There has never been a clearer case for 'non compliance' and 'civil disobedience' than this. We have largely ourselves to blame for the fact that such legislation is being pushed through: a refusal to recognize and act on the truth that centralised systems of control are about preserving the untouchable authority of the power pyramid and all its permutations down to the grass roots.


All small farmers/growers must now break free from the suffocating institutionalised totalitarianism that is making all who conform to its strictures, slaves of The Corporate State. If we don't rebel and create an ark of resistance where humanitarian common sense, sharing and pride of place prevail - who will?'


Julian Rose, author of

'Changing Course for Life'

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